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Academic Boot Camp...The Science!
Neuroscientists advocate the importance of movement and physical activity in the learning process. Physical activity gives students the advantage they need for increased student performance. Brain research suggests the link of movement to increased learning. Academic Boot Camp students learn through movement and memory is increased with fun and engaging lessons.

Brain science strongly supports the link of movement to learning. The brain and body's movement and learning systems are interdependent and interactive. For example, motor development provides the framework that the brain uses to sequence the patterns needed for academic concepts. The bodys vestibular system controls balance and spatial awareness and facilitates the students ability to place words and letters on a page.

For all students, early brain development is dependent on early motor development. Academic Boot Camp helps to fill in developmental gaps that impact learning, especially in reading, writing and mathematics. This interactive, energetic experience is a program that combines brain research findings, physical educa­tion standards and academic reinforcement to improve student performance.

Brain research links improved fitness to improved learning, it also demonstrates how proper early brain development is linked to early motor development and how practice of motor movement enhances student performance. Academic Boot Camp concentrates on multiple areas of fitness or physical development while reinforcing academic concepts that are age appropriate. Academic Boot Camp is an interactive, energetic program that creates healthy and active learners!